Cardio & Muscular Development

Cardio and Muscular Development (CMD) is a UI/UX project with a significant focus on AI and the associated risks in data management. This application comes in two versions: a positive iteration aiming to assist users in achieving their fitness goals by recommending workouts and supplements based on collected fitness data, and a malicious version exploiting user data for misleading recommendations, with the ultimate goal to benefit the company rather than the user. The motivation behind this project was to learn about the risks associated with data collection, through two applications demonstrating the proper and improper ways of handling user information. This project was a collaborative effort involving two individuals. In this project I was the UI/UX designer, UX lead, machine learning data trainer and researcher. Meanwhile, my partner undertook the roles of ethics researcher and graphic design.

This project also gave me the chance to elevate my presentation skills and refine the art of giving projects a polished and professional appearance. The presentation approach was entirely free, with no specific guidelines provided. We had half an hour to showcase our applications, and give insight behind our design choices. I took this opportunity to unleash my creativity, creating posters and visualizations that illustrated the thought behind this project. In my eyes a project should be able to showcase itself, requiring minimal verbal explanation

This project involved the usage of multiple software tools. the main tool was figma to create the prototypes for both applications, ensuring consistency across design elements. The explanation posters were also designed in Figma, All od this for easy collaboration with my partner. For data collection, we distributed a questionnaire to a diverse group of participants. When we had enough data we implemented a neural network trainer using JavaScript to process and analyze the acquired data, all of this to create the data predictions for our applications.
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