Digibrand was a project I undertook for a startup company that specializes in creating various forms of digital media for clients. This includes crafting videos, pictures, graphic designs, and even developing websites. However, when it came to building their own website, they found themselves at a loss, unsure of where to begin. That's where I stepped in. In this particular project, my primary goal was to create fun interactions. To achieve this, I made the site with the use of custom animations using Figma, with the ultimate goal to make the site more dynamic and immersive. The result was a digital platform that showcased their diverse portfolio while providing an interactive and visually appealing experience.

Here, next to me, you can see some of the static pages. My focus was also on creating a professional-looking site for them, incorporating their existing colors from their branding. I chose a black and gold color scheme to go along their brand. As they were just starting up, communication between their vision and my design ideas was pretty smooth. We quickly arrived at a design that appealed to everybody. This project played a big role in enhancing my professionalism in dealing with clients and managing such projects. It provided valuable lessons into good communication and collaboration.

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