In the vibrant landscape of a Dutch city, I took on a unique project in collaboration with local authorities. The goal was to encourage young people to reconnect by doing outdoors activities. I developed an activity finder using HTML, CSS, and JS. Serving as both the UX researcher and UI/UX designer, the goal was a prototype with a user-friendly experience, making it easy for the city's youth to discover and participate in local activities.

This project wasn't just about code and design; the key focus was to get younger people connecting again. By combining my skills in frontend development and going out on the streets to interview the target group, I created a tool that resonated with the target audience.

This project was a significant milestone in my UI/UX journey—it was one of my first real life case projects. It symbolizes not just a digital solution to community challenges but also a personal growth story. This experience made me realize that even in my early days in UI/UX, I could make a meaningful impact.

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